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diversity career coaching

Welcome! I am so glad you're here. My name is Karie Harris aka Coach Karie. I am a Certified Career Coach and Diversity Certified Global Leader. I am passionate about helping people achieve their career goals and live fulfilling, meaningful lives.

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your journey to career success.

- Coach Karie

Career Development

Not only will we help you land the job you want, we help our clients  build out career development roadmaps to maintain their success after getting the offer. We coach you step-by-step how to map out a career strategy and make a plan for execution!

Executive leadership coaching

We specialize in coaching leaders how to successfully navigate diverse and remote environments. We teach our leadership clients to inspire individuals and teams so they can create impact at scale. We also coach them how to lead during times of uncertainty.

coaching at your pace

We offer lots of free resources and workshops where you can learn at your own pace and add on coaching sessions as needed.


We have resources, coaches, courses, and weekly sessions to keep you accountable on a daily basis so you can achieve your career goals.



"Karie was great and really focused on getting me a position with the company I really wanted to work for. She's also continued to check in with me to make sure I'm happy and that things are going well."

—  Robert Sangster, Project Manager

Having a Certified Career Coach guiding you through your career is a great way to invest in yourself! An experienced coach can successfully assist you with navigating your career path, executing your goals, properly position yourself to achieve what you want, and an unbiased voice of reason you can vent to.


Let’s face it, we can vent to our friends, family, and sometimes colleagues (which I highly suggest you be careful in doing) but still leave with no answers or clear direction to change your current position. This is where our Career Consulting Services come in! It allows you to speak personally with an experienced, Certified Career Coach that can customize a career strategy and help you build your brand. Get started and book a conversation today!

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