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make the most of 2022

  • Empower Circle

    Every month
    Organize your life around your passions & get paid to do it!
    • • Access to recorded sessions with Certified Career Coaches
    • • Investment and passive income opportunity discussions
    • • Access to career development resources and workshops
    • • Career advancement and promotion roadmapping
    • • Money Management and Wealth Building
    • • Tools and advice to organize your life, career, and goals
    • • Career Strategy Planner
  • EmpowerMe Program

    Every month
    Empower Circle Membership + Monthly 1:1 w/ a Certified Coach
    Valid for 3 months
    • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Call with a Certified Career Coach
    • Empower Circle Membership and everything that comes with it!
    • Digital Career Strategy Planner
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Our Core Values:

We pride ourselves on our commitment to not only grow as individuals, but as a community. Our values can be described in one 5 words – Encourage, Enhance, Empower, Employ, and Execute.

  1. Encourage – give support and confidence so we all can grow together as a community.

  2. Enhance - improve the quality and value of our skills and life.

  3. Empower – make each other stronger and more confident, especially in getting control of our life and claiming what is rightfully ours.

  4. Employ – help each other gain employment and pay it forward.

  5. Execute – Put all our goals and plans into effect as one community.


What does the ePC community provide?

  • Tools and advice to organize your life, career, and goals around your passions.

  • Career guidance, coaching, and development whether you are an entrepreneur, working a 9 to 5 or both.

  • Access to career development resources and workshops

  • Mentorship opportunities

  • Investment and passive income opportunities

  • Money Management and Wealth Building

  • Mental health management

  • Access to network of recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Plus, we will have special speakers in the industry giving their expert advice on finance, investment, the tech industry, entrepreneurship, and more!

Membership Targets

  • Career Development and Growth

  • Wealth building

  • Balancing Life + Corporate

  • Money/Salary Management

  • Best On-the-Job Practices

  • Career Control and Execution

You should join this community if:

  • If you recently started a new job and now asking, “What’s next?”

  • If you need help increasing your salary or getting promoted

  • If you are trying to figure out how to keep your 9 to 5 AND have a side hustle.

  • If you feel burned out

  • If your current situation lacks structure

  • If you have multiple questions and just need a group of professionals to converse with

  • If you are sitting at your desk wondering “Why am I still working here?”

  • If you want to learn more about investing and building generational wealth

  • If you want to learn how to start a business and still work corporate

  • If you want to start a side hustle but not sure what exactly to do

  • If you always wanted to pick my brain or just wanted to be mentored by a Certified Coach, this is for you!

  • If you are making good money but now need to know how to properly allocate it, this is for you!

  • If you are looking for a group of high value individuals to help keep you accountable

  • If you are just looking for a sense of community and a strong network to keep you accountable so you can grow, this is for you!

Who will lead the discussions?

This course will be headed by Coach Karie, Certified Career Life Coach who has worked at top industry leaders including Disney, Amazon, Accenture, and Oracle just to name a few. Coach Karie also runs successful coaching businesses all while managing life, being a mother, a wife, and currently a global senior leader for Facebook. She will bring in other industry leaders to add value to the community and increase the learning and development factor.


  • LIVE Sessions including Q&A w/ Coach Karie.

  • Member community to network and build

  • Access to video vault with additional resources and information

  • Recorded sessions so you can watch on your schedule.

  • Access to key people to help you grow.